Mental Wellbeing programme provides healthy tools for support workers

Hamilton-based social enterprise PressGo has launched a mental wellbeing and positive communication programme for care workers and the people they support.

The Empowering Positive Behaviour programme uses effective communication techniques and a strengths-based approach to achieve positive outcomes. “We know that when we connect with people in the way they prefer, we build trust and see results.” Chief Executive, Karen Covell says.

PressGo is the social enterprise arm of community-based organisation Progress to Health, and the new programme draws upon the organisation's experience supporting people with mental health or disabilities, as well as practical tools from PressGo's popular Mental Health First Aid workshop.

“Maintaining your own wellbeing as a support worker is crucial, and the Empowering Positive Behaviour programme helps care workers to ‘top up their tank’.” Mrs Covell says. “We developed the programme at the request of the sector to provide practical tools to help manage stress levels and build resilience. We’re pleased that feedback from attendees shows they also use these tools outside of work, applying them to everyday situations.”

The importance of a supportive team and healthy workplace dynamics is another key part of the programme and is especially important for roles in the busy social sector. Personality communication styles and a self-reflection tool for people to understand their role within their team is explored, along with reflective listening, maintaining professionalism in difficult situations and healthy ‘unpacking.’ 

The Empowering Positive Behaviour programme is delivered either in the workplace or off-site for groups of up to 15 and is run nationwide.

PressGo offers a range of practical and accessible workshops and seminars that teach healthy ways to deal with a range of issues including stress, anxiety and workplace bullying.  


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