PressGo is part of Progress to Health, a community-based organisation that’s been supporting people affected by mental illness or disability for over 25 years.

Progress to Health supports around 900 people each year, with its ultimate aim to create communities without barriers. Its services are provided throughout the Waikato, Taupo and Taranaki.

The PressGo team are:

Celia Thompson

PressGo Facilitator

Kia Ora, Ko Celia toku ingoa.

I've spent the bigger part of my working life in education - mostly around health.  

In later years, I’ve added Dog Grooming to the mix - thereby being able to do two things I love - working with people and ‘playing’ with dogs!!

Working with people means that I am always learning new things.  I believe we have more commonalities than we have differences  - we just need to have conversations to find those commonalities.

I have two gorgeous dogs in my life and one cat - not sure how that happened with the cat!!

One of my great loves is the beach on a beautiful day - that can be summer or winter, but prefer summer.

Email  or for more information.

Deli Connell

PressGo Facilitator

Deli Connell is an experienced speaker and facilitator having represented New Zealand offshore and facilitated symposia with participants of all ages throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand. She is also Mum to two daughters...wife, chef and family problem solver!

Her work in the wellbeing space has been as much of well-needed reminder to take care of herself as it has been of value to her clients.

We all need to remember..."You can't pour from an empty cup."

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