Want a hand with the paperwork?

Every successful business is underpinned by thorough procedures, policies and
codes of conduct; but these can be tricky to get right.

We can help. Our Consultancy Service works with your employees or executive teams to get to the heart of the issue,
we facilitate the solution, then back it up with best practice paperwork – for awesome outcomes.

Here’s how we do it:

Full-service Consultancy

  • Fixed fee
  • Full-service

This one’s ideal for: businesses just starting out, going through rapid growth or change or even experiencing a bit of a blip.

  1. We meet one on one to understand what’s going on at work, and how it’s impacting your team.
  2. We deliver a tailored workshop for staff or executive teams to get to the heart of the issue. Maybe it’s staff morale? Maybe rapid growth has you off-course, or maybe an unexpected event has had a big impact.
  3. We help teams to help themselves. The outcome from our workshop is simple – we walk through the issue carefully, and professionally; unpicking it and guiding everyone towards a healthy conclusion. Often it’s a code of conduct so everyone’s on the same page with how to interact professionally, or it might be a new procedure so the job’s done right. Whatever the scenario – we can help to get it sorted.
  4. Finally – we back it up with paperwork. Once everyone’s on board, we cement it with new procedures, or a code of conduct or policy for everyone to sign off on, so that it’s official. 

Consultancy Lite

Are you mostly sorted? Got things working nicely but just need to back it up with paperwork (scenario 4 above).  We’re happy to help and can negotiate a competitive fixed fee to get it sorted.

We’re Also Qualified Auditors

Progress to Health’s experienced and qualified auditor has specialist knowledge in health and disability services and is available to provide pre- and post- advice to organisations.

For more information, please contact:
Karen Covell, on 027 482 7844


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