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We are a social enterprise creating workplaces without barriers.

With over 500,000 Kiwi adults diagnosed with a common mental health condition at some stage in their lives, chances are you  - or someone you work with, could use some support. 

PressGo’s educational workshops and events have a focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work, teaching healthy ways to deal with a range of big issues and tools/strategies to keep yourself and others safe. We break down the stigma and discrimination associated with Mental Health, creating a positive working environment where every Kiwi can thrive.

All our workshops can be tailored to suit your company's needs and can be hosted on your premises or at one of our hired venues subject to availability.

Here’s how we can help:

This workshop is a great way to bring the team together and talk about workplace bullying and how to respectfully deal with workplace conflict and the importance of mediation. 

The Mental Health Toolkit is an early intervention workshop that provides tools to support your team and improve self-awareness around mental health and wellbeing at work to enhance the workplace culture and environment. 

Learn tools to communicate effectively with everyone, including customers experiencing a mental health imbalance and improve your own mental health and wellbeing at work.

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MOVEMBER - Mens Mental Health Online Event 2021

On the 24th November we hosted the online event - Mens Mental Health Talk Where we were joined by numerous men and woman who participated in the conversation around how to help a bro that's feelingRead more

Are your team members thriving, surviving or struggling?

Don’t shy away from asking how your staff feel. Checking in on the Mental health & wellbeing of your team may not be easy but it is essential.   You may have noticed that there are some subtleRead more

Pink Shirt Day Event 2021

NZ has the second-highest rates of bullying in the world leading to increased rates of suicide within workplaces. 1 out of 10 individuals have been bullied in the workplace and have suicidalRead more


2021 is shaping up to be a wonderful year full of growth and achievement, with incredible projects in the pipeline.  If you or someone you know is passionate about the importance of mental healthRead more

Workplace Wellbeing Networking Event 6/10/2020

On the 6th October 2020, PressGo hosted the 'Workplace Wellbeing Networking Event' at the FMG Stadium in Mighty Waikato, raising funds for Progress to Health and the Mental Health Foundation of NewRead more

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Across Aotearoa, almost 10,000 workplaces, communities, whānau, schools and kura will be celebrating the taonga/treasure that is our mental health. Each day of MHAW has a theme inspired by Te WhareRead more

Workplace Wellbeing Networking Event

About this Event PressGo is a social enterprise creating mentally healthy workplaces by means of delivering educational workshops teaching staff and employers about the various areas and tips aroundRead more

Encouraging Team Building During Lockdown

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks that bring teams closerRead more

Working from home during the COVID19 pandemic.

There's nothing better than a rainy pajama day at home and sometimes it is definitely needed for our mental health but what happens when it starts to affect our mental health negatively ?  Its so eRead more

New report explores mental wellbeing of small business owners and employees

The Mental Health Foundation and Xero have released the 2019 Small Business Wellbeing Report. The report, (which can be downloaded below) looks at the day-to-day stressors many small business ownersRead more

Mental Wellbeing programme provides healthy tools for support workers

Hamilton-based social enterprise PressGo has launched a mental wellbeing and positive communication programme for care workers and the people they support. The Empowering Positive BehaviourRead more

Mental Health First Aid for the Workplace

With one in six Kiwi adults diagnosed with a common mental illness, many workplaces will have employees experiencing anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. Learn practical tools to support your tRead more

Here’s what our attendees have said:

“This workshop really opened my eyes. I’ve learnt so many
useful and practical techniques and tips, it’s been a game-changer for me”
Julie A

“I loved this workshop, it's helped my mental health and wellbeing at work in so many ways, I’d highly recommend it”
Sarah P.


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