MOVEMBER - Mens Mental Health Online Event 2021

On the 24th November we hosted the online event - Mens Mental Health Talk

Where we were joined by numerous men and woman who participated in the conversation around how to help a bro that's feeling low, what to say, where to go for additional help, the signs what to look out for and the biggest barrier to men getting professional help. This was followed by a Q & A session.

What is Movember ?

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health & suicide.

I'm sure we all have a male in our life that we care about , whether it be a father, brother , uncle , grandfather ,husband, step-father, father in-law, partner, son or friend. These men in our lives are important and being able to support them when its most needed is a critical skill to have, join us as we dive into the ALEC model of support.

Better conversations can help you support the men in your life. Whether it's a friend in need, a colleague who's not coping or a family member who isn't himself. Learn what to say and how to help.

Event guest : Jonny Hurn Ambassador for Movember Foundation

'' I'm Jonathan Hurn, a Police officer in Auckland. Everyone calls me Jonny.'

Since joining the Police I've been to many mental health incidents. As a result, I've spoken with many young men on the brink and seen the depth of need in our community first hand. We all need to do more and do it earlier. Not just for the men in our communities but for ourselves and our colleagues across the emergency services who are currently carrying a heavy load.

That can seem like an overwhelming challenge, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming. We can start with one small step, or in this case one small moustache.
I enjoyed speaking at PressGo's Event - Mens Mental Health on the 24th November 2021
Chances are, a man close to you is struggling with their mental health right now. The signs can be subtle: a friend who’s not sleeping, a colleague who’s lost interest, a man in your family who’s more irritable than normal…but spotting these signs can make all the difference. In fact, it could be lifesaving.
It’s not always easy to reach out when things get tough, but we know that meaningful conversations early on can reduce the risk of suicide. That’s why we’re asking you to be a man of more words. Go beyond small talk and have a conversation that matters, because suicide notes talk too late.

***The following video may be sensitive or triggering to certain viewers.
If you or anybody you know needs to connect to a support service, please visit https://www.movember.com/getsupport.

PressGo raised funds and awareness for Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives while remembering those we have also lost so please help support this great mahi Movember Foundation are doing.

If you would STILL like to contribute click here and go straight to PressGo's donation page on Movembers website - > https://movember.com/m/1453631...

Want to know where the money goes ? Movember has some awesome programmes running throughout New Zealand to Support Mens Mental Health and Suicide prevention.
Check it out! - The work we fund


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