With one in six Kiwi adults diagnosed with a common mental illness, many workplaces will have employees experiencing anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

This Mental Health Toolkit workshop is designed specifically for employers/ managers and leaders who are responsible for a team or the wellbeing of their staff. This workshop provides tools to improve self-awareness in leadership roles, how to look after your own wellbeing while supporting others ,signs and symptoms of mental health related conditions to keep an eye on within your team ,how to have difficult conversations or when to seek professional advice. This workshop is great to enhance the workplace culture and environment and gain the knowledge and skills to care for your team.

Workshop Overview:

  • Identify -signs and symptoms of Mental conditions.
  • Understanding- Self-awareness in leaders.
  • Resilience and our wellbeing.
  • Respond- keeping ourselves healthy and safe while supporting others.
  • De-escalation and prevention in the workplace.
  • Communication for strengthened relationships.
  • Tools and strategies to support wellbeing.

Online and In-house options

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Online : Zoom 

Time: 9-12pm or 1pm – 4pm

In-house workshops at a venue or the comfort of your workplace.

Time: 9-12pm or 1pm – 4pm

Limited to 25 people per workshop to keep it interactive.

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