Workplace Wellbeing Networking Event 6/10/2020

Bringing together employers, business leaders and managers to hear from industry leaders in the area of workplace wellbeing.

On the 6th October 2020, PressGo hosted the 'Workplace Wellbeing Networking Event' at the FMG Stadium in Mighty Waikato, raising funds for Progress to Health and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand - two Charities that we support.

Poor mental health is one of the biggest issues in the workplace today, like physical health problems, mental health problems are very common.

The event was MC'd by the fabulous Shelly Davies who opened up the evening with a  beautiful Karakia, bringing everyone together and creating a safe space to have these courageous conversations.

Jaime Lomas from DTI Lawyers was our first speaker and spoke about fundamentals of workplace culture and wellbeing and what you can learn from the law. The Health and safety work act 2015 and the legal obligation of employers.

Bernard Powell from Premier Group International was our second speaker of the evening and gave us a wealth of knowledge on how to build an epic workplace culture. Bernard is out to change the culture of workplaces by creating an award winning culture and definitely walks the talk. 

Our third and final speakers were Jonathan Nabbs and Eve Macfarlane, compilers of the book ''How we got happy''  The original idea for this project is that they think their respective paths to recovery taught them some good, constructive lessons on staying well and staying healthy.

100% of the proceeds from this book sold went to the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.


1. Pressgo Workshop - Jen Calley from Interactionz

2.'How we got happy' book - Steve Mills from Designwell

3. Gratitude & Badassery Journal - Raewyn Kirkman - DV Bryant Trust

The talented artists from Visually by Interactionz have created an amazing visual record of the evening, each attendee received a copy of this as a jpeg and pdf .

 Here are a few of our ideas on how you might like to put this poster to work!

Whether you take a leaf from Shelly Davies’ book and use this poster as a springboard to share a vulnerable story of your own that deepens connections and honesty in your team, or whether you follow Bernard’s lead from Premier Group and take this poster to a morning meeting – we are sure you will come up with lots of ways to use it.

To echo Jonathan and Eve’s positive message about mental health, ‘where focus goes, energy flows’ – what part of this poster will you focus on? There are so many gems recorded here, we are sure you can pick one favourite, make it your focus and watch the energy flow in its direction.

The building blocks for a healthy workplace culture are all laid out in the law, as Jamie Lomas told us. Take a pulse check in your team and examine what fairness, transparency and support look like in your workplace. Is there any more that you can be doing in these areas for the team?

Enjoy the poster and the memories from the event – Please feel free to tag us on Facebook or Linkedin and show us your ideas on what you’ve done and the difference you have made 😃 #PressGoNZ #WorkplaceWellbeingNetworkingevent

Again, our sincere thanks to Visually by Interactionz for creating it – and to all our amazing speakers/ MC who donated their time, to the sponsors DTI Lawyers and Asset recruitment for helping us to host such an inspiring event and to all the attendees, thank you for helping us raise funds and being part of this great movement of creating Mental Health Awareness in the workplace.

We also received a wee message of thanks from The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand  - ‘’We are so grateful and proud of you, you are a part of a collective of Kiwis who have spread a really important conversation further than we ever could by ourselves; you’re also making it safer for people to continue these conversations beyond that initial engagement and that impacts lives!’’

To view more photos of the event - >>> Click Here

Photo credit: Ramen Media


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