Working from home during the COVID19 pandemic.

Get up, Get dressed - Personal responsibility

There's nothing better than a rainy pajama day at home and sometimes it is definitely needed for our mental health but what happens when it starts to affect our mental health negatively ?

 Its so easy to fall into the slump of staying in your pajamas as you work from home but it is a vital part of your day that makes a huge different each morning.

What is Pyjama Paralysis?

Pyjama Paralysis is a loss of strength and function caused by long periods of bed rest (usually in pajamas ) Not getting dressed into day clothes can make you feel like you should stay in bed all day which leads to being unmotivated and less productive.  During Stage 4 - Lockdown of COVID 19 all non essential workplaces have been instructed to work from home or have closed for the time being which poses a huge challenge of its own, something as simple as getting dressed each day has a huge effect on our mental and physical health.

Studies have been set out in hospitals whom have had campaigns around getting patients up and dressed for the day “Patients state “ When you do get dressed, you’re more likely to be successful and working on your care, your exercises, and your day-to-day plans while in hospital.” - Northeast Health Wangaratta


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