PressGo is part of Progress to Health, a community-based organisation that’s been supporting people affected by mental illness or disability for almost 25 years.

Progress to Health supports around 900 people each year, with its ultimate aim to create communities without barriers. Its services are provided throughout the Waikato, Taupo and Taranaki.

The PressGo team are:

Catherine Cook

Business Development (on maternity leave until early-2020)
Catherine is responsible for promoting PressGo and overseeing its operation. Catherine’s currently on maternity leave, returning early next year. Please contact Gillian Holm (details below) with any marketing or business development queries.

Gillian Holm

Interim Business Development
Gillian’s looking after Catherine’s role while she’s on maternity leave. Gillian’s your first point of contact to arrange a workshop or to provide further information.

To contact Gillian email:


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